It’s Everyone’s Fault
I’m Fat


I have yo-yo’ed my whole life – first my paranoia over my weight started in about first grade.  It led me to start stealing diet pills when I was about 14…  I couldn’t afford them and couldn’t bring myself to explain to my parents why I felt so ugly.  Not but a little over a year later I started dabbling in Meth because I heard you could lose awesome weight from it (See my other blog section).

Because of this I’ve tried every extreme diet, read hundreds of diet books and have never been able to keep it off.  This is more just of what I have tried and my results, along with my newest diet that I am having wonderful success with, but am hoping that it does everything it should do!
You can follow my latest diet where I blame YOU for my weight problem!
But really…  This is kind of your fault…

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  • mike says:

    It is your fault, but we all face the same issues and even when you try to educate yourself, the information is conflicting and WRONG.

    A CALORIE IS NOT A CALORIE and healthy weight loss is about eating lots of QUALITY calories. This changes your hormones and genes ability to turn on fat burning and turn off sugar storage.

    Yoyo dieting causes fat gain and muscle loss, fat gain and eating sugar (processed foods) causes hormonal imbalances and eventually the fat cells drive your hunger for more fatty, salty and sugary calories. You did not get fat because you ate too much, you ate too much because you got fat. Fat cells change everything. New research in low carb dieting is proving, low carb, higher fat, adequate protein is the key to health and weight loss.

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