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So here it is…  I am SO close!  As I’ve said before, I’m nearing my 50 lb mark, but my body seems to be teasing me – I’ll hit 49 lbs lost and then rebound a bit, then drop back to 49 lbs lost…  UGH!

Now, first I’m well aware that the difference between 49 lbs and 50 lbs is still only one lbs.  I wasn’t frustrated between 47 and 48 lbs, or even 20 and 19 lbs…  Each lb is an achievement!  But I will admit, for 3 weeks playing near the number 50 has been driving me mad!

But the real update is – first, I’m down 49 lbs!  How cool is that?  And second?  I ran out of clean clothes and started digging through the hubby’s clothes.  Now when I started this diet I was starting to feel most of my XXL shirts were starting to hit their max load.  Mikey wears size L.  I realized that the XXL shirts were looking a little big, and even the XL’s were feeling more lose, but there is no way I’d look ok in a Large.  However, it’s getting a little colder so I was going to be wearing a zip-up hoodie the whole day!  So even if it didn’t fit perfect at least it was clean.  I found a shirt and slipped it on.  Uhhhh, Oh, this must have been one of his older XL’s because it fit ok!  I took it back off and checked.  It’s a large!  Nothing special – just a regular Old Navy large.  I can’t remember the last time I wore a large shirt!  I wore it for 3 days just because I was so happy and didn’t want to take it off.  Ok, gross – whatever – I do what I do.

John Kiefer had said that a lot of the weight loss you get from other diets, especially quicker acting diets – is from lost muscle.  The secret to this diet is that the carb load keeps your body from burning muscle.  I’ve done lots of diets, and one took me lower than where I am now – HCG I was at 268 as my all time low.  But even then I couldn’t wear a large!  So I really do believe what Kiefer says – I think this is focusing on fat loss, rather than just “weight loss.”  Now, give me a choice of dropping 49 lbs and 1 lb of muscle and hitting the 50 lb mark, or it taking 3 months to lose that additional lb KNOWING that it is 50 lbs of fat, and I’ll just wait thank you!


  • Mark Chapman says:

    Hey Guy,

    how’s it going on the carb nite diet? You haven’t posted for a while (or I couldn’t find it).

    Hope you’re seeing the results you wanted. I started a couple of weeks ago and the water weight drop is impressive for sure.



    • jeresk says:

      Hallo! It’s still going well! I got super busy at work and haven’t posted anything, but it’s funny – I was just thinking I need to catch up! I’ve got some really great news with my first 7 months – I lost 63 lbs! Very happy with this diet and am feeling great! For my New Years Resolution I am trying to do better with incorporating working out with this, instead of letting the food do all the work 🙂

      • Mark Chapman says:

        Wow, still doing the CND and on month 7? I read your other posts, please DO NOT say you are weak willed, staying on anything for 7 months is huge!

        Couple of comments; on your other post you mentioned you had a 2 day carb up. I’m not sure if you are aware or not but this diet is actually based on a book called “BodyOpus” (Google it). This is something hard core lifting guys use to cut and build muscle, and if you stick to the workout routine, this actually allows a two day carb up every week!

        As far as finding something different to do while you are on your “off time” from CND, check out this link: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kris-gethin-12-week-daily-trainer-intro.html. This is hard core, but if you stick to it, you’ll see crazy fat loss. Even if you did it just for the month, then went back to CND I’m sure it would be helpful. The workout routine is extreme though.

        Anyway, very well done and I’ll be watching your blog for what happens next 🙂

        Take care,


        • jeresk says:

          LOL, well, I have a strong weak will… Maybe? I guess my point really is I can’t just say “I’m going to try and make good choices…” I tend to decide a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is a good choice, because at least I’m not eating a half gallon… I have to have a plan with limits or I indulge. I’ll have to check out BodyOpus – the Carb Backload is the second program Kiefer wrote… I figured since one is working, I have faith in the other! With the backload, you carb load after your workout – so low carb on off days and any other time up until right after your workout… In reading the book, I’m a little confused – but that happened with CNS too – I started it feeling I had an ok handle on it, but the more I read and re-read the book, I started feeling like I wasn’t doing it right. Then as I just dove in, I monitored my weight and progress and made adjustments when I needed, but 99% stuck right with the book…
          I figured I’d probably have to do the same thing with this – and if I can’t seem to get a handle on it, it’s only a month 🙂 Though I’d love to really use this method to build after I get down closer to my goal weight! 🙂

          • mike says:

            What you should do is get a Dexa scan done. If you cannot do that, find a hydrostatic weighing location. You need to track your progress other than a basic scale and weight. You may be adding muscle, even without trying to do so.

            At a minimum get an Omron body fat tester handheld. Use it every morning, after going to the bathroom and stay hydrated the same everyday. It may not be accurate for overall true % – mine is off by 6%, but it will track CHANGES.

            Also, if your budget allows, get a scale that does body fat and track it everyday. Use the two to verify changes in body fat %.

            I am not suggesting you obsess over it. I am suggesting you get a tool to track what is happening with your body so you can be motivated or troubleshoot.

            When my home scale said %40 at 229 pounds, I about fell over. I went and had a Dexa scan done to confirm. It was close… 38.8%. 88 pounds for fat, most of which I do not need. I “sort of” need the 6 pounds of fat called my “brain”.

            I will go back in 3 months for a follow up Dexa and to confirm my home tools progress accuracy. If I get a 5% change in 90 days, I get a third scan free.

            Track it, you can use the information to help yourself and others. I am also tracking calories, within reason, using Cronometer, again to have a tool to analyze issues. So far my largest issue, is not eating ENOUGH! I am just not hunry on this “diet”. I need more food to get more calories.

        • mike says:

          Never attempt a 12 week intense program unless your younger and have no issues hormonally. All you are going to do is overtax your nervous system and create cortisol. Just like chronic cardio actually makes people fatter, weaker and more metabolically compromised.

          Walk (slowly) 3 times a week for 25 minutes on a slight hill or inclined treadmill with good posture. Lift heavy weights, one set to failure, 5-8 reps only. ONCE A WEEK. Push that last rep as hard and as long as you can hold it. Squats, pulldowns, leg press, large compound movements. 20-30 minutes total. Then go rest for a week and repeat.

          That is healthy exercise. Do NOT get sucked into this 12 week P90X crap. That works best for people ready for that beating.

  • mike says:

    I don’t think it is based on Bodyopus. It seems to be a direct evolution of The Anabolic Diet by Mauro DiPasquale. Either keifer just lifted it or used the same studies and further refined it.

    In general, lower carb diets lead to greater FAT LOSS, not always weight loss, but FAT LOSS. This is what 99.9% of us want and need. Adding muscle or at least maintaining muscle and losing FAT, not water, no muscle and not bon density.

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