Month Seven

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Ok!  Here it is – the end of the year…  Or is it just the beginning?  This month doesn’t show a lot of loss from the 1st to the end – but the low I hit on the 15th puts my total loss at 63 lbs!

Happy New Years!

And really – I knew this month would be a little more difficult with Christmas and New Years, work parties, family parties, friend parties, all that jazz…  I actually didn’t really cheat this whole month other than the fact that again there was not a full 5 days between one carb nite and then Christmas.  I thought I had it planned out better, but made the mistake and still ate on Christmas – who cares?

Again, with the 6 month at a time limit Kiefer has stated for the CNS diet, I didn’t dare drop off and kept going through 7 months.  I still have a ways to go, but am more than half way to goal!  I don’t know exactly if that is my goal or not – I decided I just needed this magic number in my head – the goal is 100 lbs.  Once I hit that, I will look and see, “Am I happy with this weight?  Do I want to keep going?”  Who knows – maybe at 240, I’ll look and say, “Wow! I’m effing hot!  I’m going to stay right here!”  But I wanted a goal when I started this, so 100 lbs is what I said – that would put me at 220…

I decided for my “one month break” I don’t want to take a break by any means – just trying to figure out something else – so I broke down and read the CBL (Carb Back Load) book.  I’m kinda confused, there are times it feels like things are contradictory – and they probably aren’t, but I feel like I really nailed down CNS after a bit of initial confusion – it’s scary to look at something new when something is working so well – but as it is working I am trusting I really need to follow this and take my month break – at least a break from CNS.

Anyway, I’m not scared of working out – I’ve wanted to get back into it for so long, but I work in benefits, and from Sept. through January, things are so busy – so as of Jan 1st, the Backload begins, and a new workout plan – I hope my guided plan is enough resistance training for the Backload to work – I just don’t want my weight to spike – I know there are some gains when reintroducing carbs in the diet (as you can see from my average 7 lb gain on 1 carb nite), but I also know it’s water – I just hate feeling like I’m going backwards.  But, as Kiefer had said in CNS, “if you start to gain weight, you’ll know the secret to taking it back off…

Here goes nothing!  Happy New Years all!!

12/03/2012268.8(After Carb Nite)
12/09/2012266.4(After Carb Nite)
12/16/2012265.6(After Carb Nite)
12/22/2012265.0(After Carb Nite)
12/26/2012265.2(After Carb Nite)

Total Weight Loss for the Month – 0.4 lbs – Total Overall Loss 60.4 lbs.


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  • mike says:

    Congratulations, your rocking. Never stop. CNS is for very overweight people who do not exercise. CBL is more for fit people trying to tweak exercise response to sub 10% bodyfat (in men).

    If I were you, I would stay similar to CNS and CBL. No carbs until dinner. Make those clean carbs and not a lot. Maybe 1/2 potato, or 3/4 cup rice and maybe serving of fruit 3 times a week at night.
    Your still insulin resistant, unless you can prove otherwise with blood testing. No reason to go hog wild and load up on sugars.

    Keifer does indeed make conflicting statements. Example: Olive oil, ok in the book CNS, but recently heard him “say it’s not the best” “stays in fat cells”. He needs to redo the book or clarify which oils are good.

    He also does not recommend intermittent fasting based on his personal experience, then goes on to suggest people skip breakfast on Carb Backloading. That’s a HUGE contradiction. He needs to clarify whether its good to postpone breakfast for 2 hours or more after waking. He seems to now say that due to hormonal levels upon waking. Obviously NEVER eat carbs or oatmeal first thing.

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