Month 3 On Carb Nite

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Ok, so it’s now been 3 months…  Things seem to be moving slow…  But they ARE moving and moving in the right direction (unlike half the other diets I’ve done).  Yes, things moved faster on Atkin’s but I really am feeling like it’s the right weight that is being lost…  No lost muscle – I don’t have any real proof, but here’s the thing…  In the past I’ve done super diets where the scale moves so quickly (HCG and Atkins) but nobody says anything like “Wow!  Are you losing weight?” until I’m down about 40 or 50 lbs…  And by the way?  Saying something like “Are you losing weight,” actually says, “Huh…  You’re still pretty fat, but maybe not quite as fat as I remember.”  If you are ASKING “Are you losing weight,” it means you still can’t really tell so you have to ask.  Unless someone has a problem with anorexia, nobody is going to take offense to you just saying, “Hey!  You must have lost some weight!  You look great!”  If they have NOT lost any weight, it’s still a complement!  But I digress…

The point is, no matter what I have done, around the 40 or 50 lb mark people will say, “Are you losing weight?”  This time as I dropped to about the 20 lb mark people came up and said, “OMG!  What are you doing?  You are melting away!”  It didn’t always show on the scale, but people could tell.

Third Month

Am I tiny?  No.  Am I the envy of all on the runway?  No.  Have I “made it?”  No…  I still have a long way to go.  But I believe deeply that since fat weight seems to take up the most room if I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat and people seem to notice more than when I lost 40 lbs of who-knows-what, then this is the diet I wish I knew about years ago.

My clothes fit much better, I’m not craving things much – of course I am a little, but I keep seeing things and instead of just LUSTING after it day after day, I just put it on my “carb nite” list.  Often I never even get to that on carb nite, but just the ability to put it on my list makes me not feel like I’m about to go nuts.

My cousin’s child is autistic.  My mom took them shopping one day and the kid came up with a toy and said, “WANT THIS!”  And my cousin looked at her son and said, “Ok!  But you know what?  This is not a “today” toy.  Do you want me to put it on the list?”  He nodded and put it back.  My mom asked what “the list” was.  My cousin explained that she found out saying “no” would cause some of the worst tantrums you could ever see.  Most children would not understand “Mommy can’t afford this today,” anyway, but when you mix in Autism, it’s terrifying.  I thought this was a brilliant method of control.  He can’t really wrap his head around “no” and be ok – but he can understand “Yes!  But we’ll have to add this one to the list.”  She said the list has to have at least $10,000,000 worth of toys on it that he will never have.  He probably won’t even remember most of them 10 min later (not because he’s autistic, but again – this is most kids.  Something else will grab their attention).  Carb nite is my version of “the list.”

08/05/2012298.8(After Carb Nite)
08/10/2012 293.4
08/13/2012294.6(After Carb Nite)
08/20/3012294.6(After Carb Nite)
08/28/2012293.4(After Carb Nite)


So my number totals is 6.6 lbs lost for the month.  32.6 lbs lost total!  3 months, 32 lbs.  Still going strong!


  • William Light says:

    Dude! That is awesome! I’m starting Carb Nite this week and am looking forward to it. I think I may try that list idea…and I sure hope I can be as successful as you and lose 32 lbs in 3 months!

    • jeresk says:

      Hey William!

      Congrats! It’s a very interesting journey 🙂 It all depends on how much you have to lose – I started at 320 so my goal was about 100 lbs total (down to 220). So this puts me about 1/3 of the way there. I know some who only lost 10 or 20 lbs in 4 or 5 months, but generally that is because they are trying to move from like 12% bodyfat to 10%. That gets more tough. I’m not interested in being a “pro” I just want to be healthy 🙂

      Keep in touch on your journey and let me know how it’s going or if you have any questions! Or if YOU find any other tips or tricks, feel free to share! 🙂

  • mike says:

    “Yes, things moved faster on Atkin’s but I really am feeling like it’s the right weight that is being lost… No lost muscle – I don’t have any real proof, but here’s the thing”

    Start getting that proof. You might need it when someday you feel like quitting. Measure with the Omron (or any) handheld body fat unit, under $40.

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