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So I have just completed my first month of The Carb Nite Solution – I’m down 22 lbs, but I lost 15 of them the first week.  It’s so weird because they say “Don’t pay attention to the scale or the mirror.”  What I did was take a picture of myself sans-shirt when I started.  Then I have taken a weekly picture so I can kind of see progress as I move through.  Sometimes it’s too easy not to notice the little changes that are made.

But here is what is bizzare to me…  The scale shows weight loss and when I look in the mirror I feel like I can see it!  So then I go back to my pictures…  I compare the first with the last and there is where I’m stunned…  Not because of the massive changes – but because… Well – I look exactly the same…

Isn’t this normally reversed?

Here is the bottom line – I’m down 22 lbs.  Again, I lost 15 during my induction – so that is kind of crazy – I measured the other 7 lbs against the number of weeks I’ve been working at this and I’ve lost about 1.75 lbs a week on average.  On Atkins I lost about 5 lbs a week on average BUT…  I also gained everything back and lost muscle…  Kiefer’s Carb Nite diet is supposed to stop this from happening – so if there is a difference of 3 lbs a week – if even .5 lbs of that difference was muscle, then that is exactly what made me fat again…

So…  I started this diet at 320, today I am 298.  I AM moving in the right direction!  Is it as fast as I’d like?  No…  Is the weight just falling off me?  Not really – but again, this is about fat loss – not weight loss. 

I have a fat measuring scale and while I know it’s not extremely accurate, I’ve gone from just over 40% of body fat to 36% body fat in 1 month… 

Not taking into account any further muscle growth (of which I do hope to gain) I will need to be at about 215 on my weight.  This means roughly, my weekly goals will be about the 2 lbs I’m losing and that should equate out to about .5% of body fat each week.  40 weeks – that’s my challenge.

I know you are only supposed to do The Carb Nite for about 6 months at a time and a month off – so my plan is to stick with this to the end of the year – then break in January and back on in February. 

So 24 of the 40 weeks will be complete the last week of December this year.  I’m a fan of breaking things down so I can always look to keep on track.  So my end of year goal will be to be between 40 and 50 lbs down from where I am at today.  That would put me at 258, which even on HCG (my 2nd most successful “fad” diet) I never hit.  I got about 10 lbs above that…  This should take me down about 12% in body fat putting me at about 24% body fat.

Keep following me on my journey and if you can help me – YAY!   If I can help you, YAY! YAY!

It maybe your fault I’m fat – but I’m going to fix it…

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  • mike says:

    Initially on any low carb diet, you lose water weight and muscle glycogen. The heavier you are, the more “weight” is lost in the first week. Actual “fat” loss in the first week would be 1 or 2 pounds if lucky. After a carb reefed, you retain water and glycogen. This “should” go away and more weight loss “should” be seem each week and that “should” then be “fat loss”.

    Drink a gallon of water a day.

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