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Ok!  So this is my first month on The Carb Night Solution…  It may be YOUR fault that I’m fat, but I am losing weight!

So first, a little explanation of the diet…

John Kiefer said he remembers a time when he was told he was fat and it really affected him.  I have dealt with this all my life.  The only time when I really felt good about my weight was after I had done a low carb Atkins kind of diet.  I never read the book – my mom and dad had, and gave me a little cheat sheet to help me follow it – kind of a “eat this not that” sheet.  She took me to dinner and explained the meat (so to speak) of the diet.  I lost somewhere around 80 to 90 lbs in about 3 or 4 months. I was so happy!  I stuck with the diet for about a year and a half – almost 2 years.  Then I fell off and figured there was no way I would ever let myself get that big again.  3 or 4 months after I fell off I was pretty much back up to my last weight.

Linking back to my addict life, my weight is something that I have always struggled with.  Some of my meth addiction came from the fact that I was willing to do ANYTHING to lose weight.  I would look at the frightening posters of the “skin and bones” boys that had tags like, “Got Meth?”  Or “Body by Meth.”  I actually looked at these posters and hoped that if I just concentrated on my addition hard enough I could someday look like that too.  Yeah.  I know – gross.  My desire was to be unhelthfully thin.  I think really it was just I felt I was so far on one end of the scale, I was very happy with the idea that I could someday be on the other side.

Anyway…  After my meth life, I had essentially not eaten in 7 years.  I had lost a lot of weight but I had started out so big that I actually looked kinda normal.  I went to rehab and everything I ate stuck, and stuck hard.  I rocketed up to about 300 lbs.  Now, I am about 6’2 (my friend Ryan says I’m 6’1, because he is 6’2 – but I still think I’m 6’2), so 300 lbs while heavy doesn’t look as large on me as it might sound – but it was still pretty big.

After rehab I did Atkins, as I have already said – and made it down to about 220.  When I went off, I went back up in just a few months back to 300 – then to 310…  I decided to try Atkins again – I lost 10 lbs and stalled out for 3 weeks and gave up.  3 weeks and not 1 lb down!  So yeah, I let it go…  Then I went back up to 310 – then 320…  Then I tried South Beach with my husband Mike.  Nothing happened.  And I hated the food…  Then we tried low carb again – again, I lost 10 lbs and then no more.  It was like my body said, “Oh HELL no!  You did this to me once, and I let it slide…  But you don’t get to do this to me again…”

A few years ago I heard about HCG, so I got a doctor and did that protocol.  I was 332 lbs.  My heaviest ever…  In about 60 days I was down to 280 – 52 lbs lost!  I took my break off, and then went on another 60 day set and got down to 268 – that’s the lowest I’ve been since I met Mike.  They assured me that this protocol would reset my metabolism and I could never gain the weight back.  I didn’t go crazy – and I followed the diet to the letter.  I went back to exactly 332 about 2 months later.  I tried it again (because I learn so well, right?) and lost a little weight, went off and went right back up.

Last year Mike started having gallbladder issues, and we had to go ultra low-fat.  In doing that for over a year, I went back to about 284 (that was my low on low-fat).  Then I tried to quit smoking and went back up to 320 lbs exactly – in 2 months.  My body moves quick – loss can come quick, but gain happens even faster!!!

So enter – The Carb Nite Solution.  Kiefer says he got called fat – again, it’s what I’ve dealt with all my life.  He went on low carb but found many of the same problems I did – part of it is you are not just losing fat – you are losing muscle.  Yes, the number on the scale is moving down quickly, but you don’t really know what you are losing.

So as a physicist, he writes a book explaining what he learned by sifting through over 20,000 studies, and what he knows about chemical reactions that are happening in your body – so essentially, the scientific perspective.

Now, Atkins sounded like he knew what he was talking about.  South Beach sounded like they knew as well – so did every other book that I ever read about diets.  They all SOUND good, because I AM NOT A SCIENTIST!!!  So when an author says, “blah blah, the molecules of your blah blah react to the (insert something sciencey here) but with OUR diet, you can force your body to blah blah in a way it never has, and this is what causes you (or stops you) from losing weight.”  Well, hell!  It sounds good!  I can follow what they are saying, but I have no idea if they have their heads up their asses, or just came up with a really good list of words to put their hands in my wallet.

This of course could be the same with Kiefer, but I have to believe in his diet – because it IS working…

First Month

So…  I started CNS (Carb Nite Solution)…  Again, this is working for me.  For all I know I will lose weight, look great and go up to 350 lbs. in the next few years.

But here is the theory – Atkins had some things right, and a lot of things wrong – and the low-carb diet started long before he wrote anything about it, but he was a better marketer.

One of the biggest problems is – your body starts burning muscle when it’s out of carbs.  So the bottom line is, you have to replenish your carbs!  You don’t just “get” a carb nite – you HAVE TO HAVE IT!

You begin the diet, eating ultra low carb – under 30 carbs a day.  You eat this way for 9 and a half days.  Think, meat, cheese, and eggs (there is more, but not much more).

On the night of the 10th day, you have a carb night – you load up on carbs for 6 – 8 hours in the evening.  You can have most everything you have been craving.

After that you immediately go back to ultra low carb… but once a week you have another carb nite.

You just keep going like that for no more than 6 months.  After 6 months you have to take a month or two off.  Now some people may start this and be done only a few months later – maybe even weeks!  But for those of us who have a longer way to go, it’s 6 months and then you break…

The idea is, you are kind of shocking your system once a week with carbs!  It also keeps your body from using muscle for fuel.  Plus, you are eating all this protein – protein builds muscle, so if you are eating all this protein, don’t waste it – lift weights!  You gain muscle, lose fat, and the muscle helps you from re-gaining your weight!

Again, it all makes sense, and it’s so easy to stay on – I hope this is the answer to get me the body I want and am willing to work for.  I haven’t really done much with working out yet – but I’ve always enjoyed working out!  So there it is – the general rules of the diet (the book is more specific, but you get the idea) and my results on the first month.

My first 10 days I lost 15 lbs.  After that I have lost about lb a week, so here is my weight chart so far:


(After Carb Nite)


(After Carb Nite)


(After Carb Nite)



First 4 weeks on the diet is 18.4 lbs down!  So I am on this!  And I’m now bugging all my friends to get on it that are trying to lose weight…  Kiefer should pay me to sell this 😛


  • Joy McCall says:

    I have been experimenting with the carbnit solution as well. Ordered my book but had not arrived yet. After the ten days I was 154 ten I had my first carbnite and went another week. Before my first carbnite I weighed in at 161 (where I was when I had started) . Then I went another seven days, and weighed myself on my second carbnite at 157.8. And now today is my 3rd an I came in a 161 again. I had went to a Chinese restaurant and slipped up by having a shit ton of imitation crab meat thinking that that would e okay and I believe that caused me to go over the thirty. So I wasn’t sure whether I had to start over with another preorientation phase for the ten days or no? Also are you suppose to do the diet for 6 months in order to be able to reintroduce your carbs from your normal diet back or just until you feel like you’ve lost enough fat? I don’t want to do this for a hole 6 months unless it’s completely mandatory. I’m only 10 pounds from my goal weight. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

    • jeresk says:

      Hello Joy!

      I apologize for the VERY serious delay in responding… I get so many spam posts, I often miss the real ones! I get caught up in the same “trap.” Remember, that your weight can really fluxuate based on so much. Not to be totally gross, but one trip to the bathroom can be the difference between 3 lbs sometimes! No… Really, it can. We all want to see this “happen on the scale” and eventually it will – but check your measurements too! I used the before and after photos a lot. Every time I thought “This isn’t working…” I would compare pictures – sometimes from the start, sometimes just from the last month – and I always went, “Holy crap!” I judge by my clothes a lot… I started by posting my scale weights for months and months, but as you can see, I’ve stopped. I actually have a lot of posts I want to make but have been super busy…

      But obviously I started off with a LOT more weight that a lot of people… And I still have plenty to go… But as I’ve got down further, I thought my weight-loss had stopped. I hit 250 and every week, I get down to 250, then have my carb nite and go back up between 5 and 8 lbs – then over the next week, I drop back to 250… So for 2 months I’ve not broken 250. But for 2 months, everytime I see someone I haven’t seen in over a week, they say, “Oh my GOD! Did you lose MORE weight?” Nope… I haven’t. And if it was one or two people I’d think they were just “being nice.” But this is almost EVERYONE. I also have a shirt that fit me really well 2 months ago – I’m wearing it today and it looks like I’m wearing a mu-mu. I’m down 2 belt notches…. All of this is telling me “the FAT is still being lost.” Why is it not showing up on the scale? I have no idea. But since I’m not tryng to fall into a particular weight class, I’m just trying to be happier with my body, and be healthier, I don’t care! If I stepped on the scale and weighed 400 lbs, but I looked like Brad Pitt when I took off my shirt, I wouldn’t care what the scale said. It really is a VERY bad measurement of succeess!

      Again, I’m only over 3 months late in replying so I really hope you’ve stuck with it and had some success! I would love to hear back from you! If you get this reply, let me know 🙂

      To more specific to your question though, in cases where you “slip” either on purpose or by accident – do you need to go back to the induction phase? Probably not. Does it hurt if you do? Probably not. If you go crazy for days, weeks, months, yeah – it’s probably best to go back and start from the first again. I know some larger people trying to move this along faster that decided to do carb nite only every OTHER week. Can you do that? Sure! Is it sticking with Kiefer’s plan? Not at all… You can go a year with no carbs if you want – but then you aren’t doing carb-nite, you are just on Atkins. Kiefer’s plan, at least for me worked pretty slowly, but also steadily. I had a bunch of people that said, “Wow! You lost it all so fast!” Well, not really… I’ve been on it a year and have lost 70 lbs. I also had lost about 60 lbs at 6 months. So 10 lbs in 6 months is pretty slow. But if it’s helping me retain muscle mass, then I’m good with that. I think it’s helping me build too! But I’m not working out as much as I was at the begining of the year. The motivation is still there, but I work 2 jobs, so the routine has been broken.

      No you do not need to do 6 months. You just go until you are happy with where you are at. At that point, if you eat the same way you were when you were gaining weight, you will gain weight again. If you want you can go back and forth over and over again – I don’t SUGGEST that – but you can! I would better suggest, if you want to have more carbs in your diet to look at Carb Backloading – I found my 1 month experiement that this was a MUCH easier way to eat – but you have to work for it! You DO need to be doing a LOT of resistance training – but I went a month eating pretty much whatever I wanted 4 or 5 days a week rather than 1 day a week – didn’t gain weight – and I started to see improvements in my body shape pretty fast. I just thought I should be focusing more on fat loss than muscle gain – I’m now thinking maybe I should switch again…

  • Antonio says:

    Hello jeresk.

    Can I ask you a question? How much carbs do you have to take on your carb nite? Is there a minimum and a maximum?
    From your experience, is better to eat “clean” carbs on your carb nite or is it better to eat scratchy sugary carbs?
    Thank you so much.

    • jeresk says:

      I know a lot of people track their carb intake really closely – they will adjust it for their desired results. To be flat honest – my desired results are to look better while being able to have at least one evening where I can eat anything I want. Lazy? Horrible? No, just honest. So my carb intake varies quite a lot. I’ve had carb nites where I was probably in the low hundreds for the “nite.” I’ve had other carb nites where I was pretty sure I would be carted away in a coma and the carb intake was probably in the low thousands… No… Really. I think all the time, should I eat more clean carbs? Should I stick with whole foods, and no processed anything? Kiefer talks quite a bit about it! A lot of people who have had struggles have switched to a cleaner carb nite – eating only whole-food kinds of carbs. This is what I can tell you about me… I can stick to anything I enjoy. I actually did pretty good on Weight Watchers, on the points program – why? Because I’d save up all my weekly points and have a massive pig-out at the end of the week. And I lost weight! I saw results! It was easy because there really wasn’t anything that was “off the menu.” Same here – I even at times have stuff that Kiefer says “never never never!” on… If it stalls something or I don’t get the perfect results, I know why. I can either choose to finally NOT eat that “whatever” that I wasn’t supposed to be eating – or if I’m not seeing much of a holdup, I can say, “This would probably move faster and more efficently if I stuck more ‘by the book.” I make my adjustments to my diet based on successes, but so far, it’s all been a success! So I haven’t changed anything!

      I had a friend who loves beer. He wanted to start this diet and went out and got a bunch of low carb beer, so he could have his beer every night. He said, “I just noticed in the book it says to stay away from Alcohol… So I can’t have even the low carb stuff?” My reply was essentially the same. Of COURSE you can have it! And if in 3 or 4 weeks you see absolutly no success from all your hard work, then you’ll know exactly what you would need to do to try and change it. However, if you have your low carb beer, and in 3 or 4 weeks you get on the scale, take your mesurement, stand in front of the mirror naked, WHATEVER you do – and if you say, “Wow! This is great!” Then do what you want!

      Even Kiefer has admited that most of what he’s advised is based on what he knows right now… I like to generally follow his advice, but I’ve made my own variations – generally small, and I figured if my success is not where I want it to be, I’ll know what I can change to try and do better 🙂

      • Antonio says:

        Can you tell me what you can’t eat according to the book? Does Kiefer says how much carbs do you have to eat on a carb nite? And finally, can you give any recomendattion from the book (I don’t have enough money to buy it) to not miss any point, because maybe i’m not doing things properly.

        Thank you Jeresk.
        I hope i’m not bothering you with all this questions. Thanks again, I really appreaciate.

  • jeresk says:

    Well, the stuff you can and can’t eat gets a little more involved than what I could probably go into in a single post – but in general, stay away from sugar alcohols, and alcohol. There were some thing about minimizing mechanically seperated meats (usually in deli meats) and gelitan.

    I told a friend of mine about the alcohol one and he was so depressed! He had just bought a bunch of lower carb beers… But this is what I told him – at the start try and eat mostly whole foods; meats, cheese and eggs on your ULC days. Lower carb veg. Get everything kick-started. Then after some time, if you have something that is technically low-carb, but is supposed to be against the diet, incorporate it in… Did your results change? Did it stall you out? Did it make you feel like crap? If so, then stick with the book. If your progress isn’t halted, then enjoy! Did it only slow things down? If so, can you deal with slower results while allowing yourself something you really like?

    There’s an ice cream bar I found – it’s technically 15 carb, but after fiber and sugar alcohols it’s 5 carbs per bar. I have been on this for over a year now so I really have a good idea of what my body does… I decided to give this a try – my results have slowed… But you know what? It makes life easier when I can have something kinda sweet after dinner. I do this in different ways – the ice cream is a new one. Right now, I’m really happy with where I am at. I still have a ways to go, but I’m ok with slowing down a little to be able to have a little ice cream on my ULC days.

    I’m certain Kiefer would slap me around for 20 min if he knew – so I’m not really giving this as “adivce for everyone.” Just to be clear – this is NOT something Keifer talks about in his books. In fact, if you are having trouble with laying off the sweets and carbs for a week at a time, maybe Carb Backloading is a better thing to be doing. Currently I don’t have any time to work out (I know that’s everone’s excuse, but I’m working 2 jobs, so I really actually don’t have time – 50 hours at one, 25 average at the other, so I’m pretty much wiped out). I really liked the CBL diet/workout plan and was getting great results! But I really wanted to continue to lean out rather than build muscle… But once I have more time, I think I would rather go back to the CBL.

    Anyway that’s my advice. Do it clean to start – once you know what your body is doing you can gauge how you really react to little “exceptions” you make in the diet. Everyone is different. Just like some can gourge on carbs for their whole lives, hardly work out, and always seem to look perfect and obviously have a pact with the dark overlord – food affects different people different ways. So I think with all diets, it’s important to start with their “plan.” Then once you have it down, if you are looking to do any modifications make them slow and gauge your reaction. If you have undesirable results, you can always detox again and just stick with what was working.

    One thing I do remember he said in Carb Nite was he wrote this for the “every man.” He puts the daily limit of 30 carbs for the ULC, right? This is like many Low Carb diets. But he said the affect carbs have on people are very different. Some people may be able to eat 100 carbs a day and lose weight. Some may be able to eat 50. But in his research, he couldn’t find anyone that COULDN’T lose weight sticking with under 30. So the book is written to 30 – which I find to be pretty easy. But then again, I’m a big meat eater 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Congrats, your doing great. You made an error. You need to replace carbs with fat, while eating adequate protein. It is most likely the protein that saves the muscle from a caloric deficit burning it away.

    Additionally, eating fat and protein and only fibrous healthy carbs, has been shown to correct insulin resistance from eating sugar and processed foods loaded with sugar.

    70% of us are carb sensitive and will develop insulin resistance and many diabetes. #1 rule for most people, avoid all sugar and sugar converting foods 99.9% of the time.

    • Anonymous says:

      I tried south beach with a focus more on healthy carbs. It didn’t do much for me. I lost 10 lbs in 4 months so that was the end of that…

      I did replace my carb intake with fats and protein. Most of my lunches were bacon lol!

      I made great strides in the next 6 months but then about a year of a stall. I mean, I lost 10 lbs so SOMETHING happened but I’ll admit it wasn’t quite what I was looking for but that’s ok! I didn’t gain and that’s what is most important. 🙂

      • Mike says:

        I have confirmed what I was said was backwards. Replacing the carbs with FAT is actually what spares the muscle when doing a low carb diet. It is important to eat 60% fat or preferably greater. Higher intakes of protein, rather than fat, cause issues with ammonia and burning of protein as sugar. This teaches the body to burn muscle as fuel, not what we want at all.

        Carb Nite is roughly 60%fat 40% protein. So a choice needs to be made. Do it by the book and eat a bit too much protein, or shoot for something like 70-75% fat and lower the protein. This may be safer short term and long term.

        I have flip flopped myself on my own intake, but I think shooting for an average of less than 30% protein is probably safest and best for training the body to burn fat.

        The long term goal should be to reduce the processed meats. Deli meat, salami, bacon and find sources of grass fed meat and pastured eggs and pork. But for now, carrying excess fat is more of an immediate risk to health.

      • Mike says:

        If you stalled you probably restricted your calories to much. Common advice is not to cut calories more than 20% including the exercise you do. The body is smart. That is why a calorie is not a calorie. The body will slow metabolism and eat its own organs before letting a person die. Carb Nite is “supposed” to help keep the metabolism up. I cannot confirm this yet.

  • Mike says:

    For anyone who cannot wait 6 days before eating “carbage” you need to really look at yourself mentally. Also, sugar acts like a drug in the brain. Once you are away from sugar, you really feel different, act different and lose cravings.

    Carb Nite: You do not have to be strict, but don’t eat 5000 calories of sugar either. Start out low fat, high glycemic, like white bread, wheat bread, rice or a large potato plain. Move onto a normal dinner, plenty of carbs, then do dessert. 2 hours later have more carbs and then right before bed have a bit more. A full 6-8 hours is required.

    This IS a calorie restricted diet. The average meal plan for those over 150 pounds is about 2100 calories. If your 230 pounds or 210 pounds, that is a LARGE calorie deficit, probably too large and could slow metabolism. Do NOT add massive cardio to any plan that is lower calorie.

    That being said, when you eat fat, protein and vegetables, you get satisifed and naturally eat less. Not eating sugar will REMOVE the feeling of always being hungry every 3 hours.

    I am 218, down from 227 in a bout 3 weeks on Carb Nite. The best thing is using two measuring devices, I can confirm it is fat I am losing, not muscle. It is ultra important to VERIFY exactly WHAT you are losing. This type of diet can actually put MUSCLE ON people, sometimes even with NO EXERCISE, due to the fact it is changing your hormonal environment.

    Most people quit due to stalls. Sometimes during a stall you need to eat more, maybe your not eating enough. I think everyone would love a weight stall if they could prove it was because they are exchanging fat for muscle. Get a DEXA scan, get a bodyfat scale AND a handheld bodyfat devicea and track, track, track everyday. Look for lowest weight aligned with lowest bodyfat once every 7-10 days to reassure yourself and not quit.

    • Jilian Sullivan says:

      Hoping to connect with the commenter, Mike… I’ve been on Carb Nite Solution for 5 weeks now, with little results and was hoping to pick your brain a little. I do think part of my problem is I’m not eating enough. I’m always full, no cravings, but I just think it’s not enough. I also keep getting varied information about what my Fat to Protein intake should be. One site says, higher protein to fat, the next says more fat less protein!!! Ugh, HELP!(I’m 5’4″ 145lbs, and don’t let that fool you, I carry a LOT of weight in my lower half.)I don’t do cardio, and I do lift weights on a very amateur level…like in my house with the few free weights we have.
      Anyways…I would love for a little assistance, as following the book hasn’t gotten me very far. Feeling discouraged and trying to reach anyone for guidance. Thank you!

      • Mike says:

        Are you logging your food, all of it? Use Cronometer for four full weeks, honestly track and estimate what your eating. This will give you an idea on calories and macros. But, don’t get stuck into the mindset of cutting calories, just get some idea of average days and what foods are highest in fat. This will show you where maybe your not getting the ratios right. I stopped tracking after 2 months. Now, I eat when I want, I don’t EVER look at calories.
        Calories do count, but your body will naturally be less hungry when not on the rollercoaster of sugar and insulin.

        It is very easy to overeat protein, nuts or dairy. I suppose someone could began to see improvement eating 50% fat, but shooting for 75% fat, will get you closer to 65% on average. I do not eat over 100 grams of protein a day either.

        If you want a fool proof breakdown try this.

        Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, mix in 2 pats butter. Add bacon or sausage. Carlsons Fish oil if you want after eating, take your multivitamin.

        Lunch: Chicken or beef salad with 1/2 avocado (greens are amazing for health and fat loss)
        (use very little dressing go easy on the nuts)

        Dinner: Big salad, fatty dark meat chicken with skin, vegetables covered in butter and salt and I mean LOTS of butter.

        Snack: Optional Large squirt canned whip cream with low carbs – 2-4 berries. (optional)

        Eating this way should leave you with no hunger (most of the time).
        If you get hunger, then eat more of similar foods.

        Drink plenty of water, use plenty of salt. If you ever feel weak, get some salt into your body.

        If your not losing weight make sure your not cheating, especially in the mornings.

        Trust me, this is still working for me and others who listened to me. Do not worry about exercise. I went from 229 to 197 lbs as of this morning and I am still dropping. This has taken 4-5 months and in that time I may have done cardio, low level maybe a total of 4 hours and weight lifted a total of 5 hours…basically no exercise. Keep your goals realistic, figure 1 pound a week more or less and don’t stress when the scale stays the same for 7-12 days sometimes.

        What you eat and do not eat is 90% of weight loss. Don’t stress over exercise, do an activity because you like it, not to lose weight. Also, the diet for me, did as claimed. I proved with a Dexa scan that over 90% of my weight loss has been fat and not muscle. No other “diet” will do that. You will lose 40-50% muscle in every pound lost.

        Make sure to listen to all the BODY.IO podcasts for new information.
        Kiefer changes his mind on things as he reads new studies.

        So what do I eat on Carb Nite? Anything and everything. I go from about 2pm to 11pm usually. Warning: Women should not go this crazy, men can get away with it, but the idea is the same. I start with lowfat 1/2 BAG of licorice to spike my insulin. Then I have a large over ripe banana/strawberry smoothie. I usually have corn chips or similar before dinner. I include carbs with dinner. I generally still avoid full sugar soda, even on carb nite. After dinner late in the evening I usually have a large dessert and maybe some more candy or snacks.

        So to summarize, all week I eat fatty foods and then I can have whatever I want in one crazy evening…and I still lose weight nearly every week. Welcome to the solution.

        • Jilian Sullivan says:

          Ahhhh Mike, thank you!
          So, food journaling – yes. I have been documenting a short hand version tracking the carbs, but not until this last week did I track the protein and fats. With that said, I was having a hard time determining what my fat to protein ratio should be, super contradictory findings in my novice google searches! Finally came across a site that breaks it down easily and found for me (height, weight, age, activity level) I should be around a 100g fat, 70g protein and 25g carbs a day for successful fat loss. I think where I was stalling in the last few weeks is because I’m eating so much protein I was full and didn’t end up eating enough fats, just guessing. (definitely been eating my fair share of cheeses by way of a couple to three cheese sticks a day maybe a little parm on a salad too)

          A few questions food wise. According to the book and the couple podcasts I’ve listened to, Kiefer says sugar free items are ok. Sucralose based such as the coffee syrups and sugar free Jello are the only ‘sweets’ I have been allowing myself and am just curious if those could be having a negative effect? Along the same line, I’m an ingredient reader on all items and if it’s got sugar in it, I pass…dressings, meats (sausages, salami) etc.. am I overthinking it?

          Here’s been my average day this last week.

          Breakfast –
          Coffee, with heavy cream (2Tbsp, sometimes a tablespoon of sugar free syrup)
          hardboiled egg with spoonful of homemade mayo and either an Italian sausage or some Applegate Farms pepperoni. OR in a pinch a can of tuna with mayo and a cheese stick

          Snack – almonds

          Lunch –
          chicken or tuna salad over romaine, with mayo or olive oil and parmesan cheese. (a nice size one like 3-4 cups lettuce)

          Dinner –
          Chicken breast sautéed in olive oil topped with grated cheese with butter sautéed green beans.
          OR ground chicken in marinara sauce with scoop of pesto.
          OR pork chop sautéed in oil/butter with butter/garlic broccoli

          Snack – homemade whipped cream or sugar free jello cup on rare occasion.

          Past Carb Nite indulgences…weeeeelll I’m also thinking that has a lot to do with no loss. I was allowing too many sweets and not enough ‘clean carbs’…ice cream and key lime pie, pizza etc. Last week I did start with a plain sweet potato, had pasta and some beans with shrimp dinner and bread followed by two scoops of ice cream topped with a pbj sandwich and oatmeal cookie before the food coma hit. UGH typing that out sounds so disturbing and so obviously wrong for me as a woman, for this ‘program’. My next Carb Nite is today…

          Mike, again thank you for your insight and your pointers! Very much appreciated. Congrats on your success!!

  • LaDonna Anderson says:


    Are you still doing the Carb Nite Solution. I am new to this and was hoping to hear what your current status is and over all results.


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